Modules for Voltage Modular

PoMo Spreader

What's in a name? Well, in this case a somewhat contrived portmanteau is in the name. "PoMo" is short for Polyphonic Monophonic. Hey, at least I didn't call it "PuPoMo Spreader" - Purple Polyphonic Monophonic Spreader.


In its simplest application PoMo Spreader takes a Poly signal and splits it into separate Mono signals. But that's not all. PoMo also sorts the incoming notes, such that the lowest note is on output 1, the next lowest note is on output 2 and so on. Each output has a 3-way switch that can move a note up or down by one octave.

PoMo is designed to be used with chords, allowing you to spread out the notes of a chord, which can give you a bigger sounding chord - especially with pads and strings. It also makes it easy to find the bass note in a chord, lower it by an octave and send it to your favourite squelchy monosynth to accompany the chord.


Pitch and Gate In

Standard Poly inputs. You would typically drive these inputs from a MIDI keyboard or from something like the Mini Chord module.


Pitch and Gate x8

Eight individual Mono output pairs, sorted lowest note (= lowest voltage) first. If there are fewer than 8 active notes on the input the remaining gate outputs will remain inactive. The LEDs show when an output is active.


Octave switch x8

Allows you to boost or cut each individual note by one octave.

RAND button

Randomizes all 8 of the switches.