Modules for Voltage Modular

Poly Spreader

A purple sister module to PoMo Spreader. Take a chord and make it bigger.


Poly Spreader takes a Poly signal and sorts the incoming notes such that the lowest note is in Poly channel  1, the next lowest note is in channel 2 and so on. Each channel has a 3-way switch that can move a note up or down by one octave.

You can optionally add extra notes to the output, one an octave above the lowest note and the other an octave below.

Poly Spreader is designed to be used with chords, allowing you to spread out the notes of a chord, which can give you a bigger sounding chord - especially with pads and strings. Handily, it also takes the lowest input note, drops it by an octave and sends it to the Bass output - perfect for driving a bass line.


Pitch and Gate

Standard Poly inputs. You would typically drive these inputs from a MIDI keyboard or from a module like Chordant or Mini Chord.


A standard trigger input. A rising edge on this input will randomize all 10 switches.


Bass and Gate

Standard Mono outputs. The Bass socket outputs a note that is one octave below the lowest input note. You would typically use this to drive a bass synth. The LED shows when the output is active.

Pitch and Gate

Standard Poly outputs. The adjusted notes appear here. The LED shows when the output is active.


Octave switch x8

Allows you to boost or cut each individual note by one octave.

Add Note switch x2

Allows you to add an extra note one octave above and/or below the lowest input note. This is a great way to "widen" a chord.

RAND button

Randomizes all 10 of the switches.