Modules for Voltage Modular


In music, and in life, try not to be too pitchy.


Pitchy takes a purple pitch CV signal and provides you with that note and its "fifth" note, spread across seven octaves. You can also pitch shift the incoming note by any number of octaves and semitones and Pitchy will give you the resulting note and the fifth note.

And in case you are wondering, a note and the note that sits a perfect fifth above it tend to sound very happy together. Use it to generate a more interesting bass line or arpeggio.


Pitch In

A standard CV input. This is the input note. You could drive it from something like Aarpo to greatly expand your pitch options.


Octave and Fifth - Fixed x 7

Seven pairs of standard CV outputs. Each pair gives you the input note and the "fifth" note in an octave relative to the input note. Octave range is from -3 to +3.

Note and Fifth - Variable

This pair of CV outputs at the bottom give you a bit more flexibility, although the results may not be as musical! You can shift the input note up or down by an amount set by the two knobs, with a range of +/- 5 octaves and +/- 12 semitones. Whatever you choose, the Fifth output will always be a perfect fifth above the new note.


Oct knob

Shifts the note by between -5 and +5 octaves.

Semi knob

Shifts the note by between -12 and +12 semitones.