Modules for Voltage Modular

Midi To Gate

Ever needed an easy way to send gate signals from a MIDI keyboard or sequencer? Me too. Ever wished you could do it in purple?


This piece of purple loveliness generates up to 12 separate gate signals from a MIDI input. The gates are controlled by 12 consecutive MIDI notes starting with C in the chosen octave.

You can choose whether the output signal follows the Note On and Note Off messages or whether it just toggles with every Note On message. You can also choose whether more than one output can be active at the same time.

If you are sitting there wanting a module that generates triggers instead of gates then you are in luck. Check out the sister module, Midi To Trigger, and marvel at the very literal module naming scheme.



A standard MIDI input.


12x Gate Outputs

Activated by specific MIDI Note On and Note Off messages. Each socket has an LED that is lit when the gate signal is high.



Specifies the incoming MIDI channel. It defaults to "Any", which means it will listen to all channels.


Selects the octave that will be monitored.


Set this to Gate to have an output gate turn on with a Note On message and turn off with a Note Off message. This is probably the most common requirement.

Set it to Toggle to have an output toggle with every Note On message.


Set this to Mono to allow only one gate to be active at any one time, determined by the most recent Note On message.

Set it to Poly to allow more than one output to be active at once.